We operate a non-static, special collections public library. For free, for everyone, and for everywhere, or at least, everywhere we can get to.

We see libraries, and in particular, public libraries as the bedrock of world citizenship. We believe that nowhere else offers such information equity, trust and dialogue, between us as individuals, as communities, as cultures. For when we enter a library we encounter each other: encountering each other we are revealed more to ourselves. Through such meetings we begin to understand how we are connected by our experiences of a shared world. Fundamentally, when we enter a library we are offered the opportunity to learn new things and thus, as individuals, as world citizens, to grow. Thus, with this mission in mind, continuously since May 2006 The Itinerant Poetry Library has been travelling the world and opening and installing the Library & Itinerant Poetry Librarian, and archiving the sounds, poems and poetry of the cities, peoples and countries she meets. We’ve now clocked up over 1000 hours of public library service, in 13 countries & 35+ cities worldwide, in over 200 different locations. Come join us (before we travel on).

Statement of Purpose

Members of the Library pursuing a search for truth in the goings about of their days find in the Library a means to meet their various information needs for learning and living.

Basic Beliefs and Core Purposes

Recognising that learning and life resources can consist of a broad and expanding array of traditional and contemporary tools ranging from basic scrawled or nearly illegible handwritten texts such as that which the Designated Library Authority's mother produces as a medical Dr, through to printed text and digital electronic media and formats we can not yet articulate, the Library exists as a structure which enables it to provide the most comprehensive, efficient, flexible and Fluxible integrated resources and services.

The Library is philosophically committed to fostering freedom of inquiry.

The Library stresses world-mindedness and serves the non-traditional as well as traditional seeker of knowledge and truth.

The Library seeks to provide the information resources and services which are necessary to support, explore and engage in negotiating life experience and to help Members gain a command of the varieties of information and resources which are vital to lifelong self-fulfillment, intellectual and esthetic enrichment and growth.

The Library facilitates the interaction between users of information and recorded knowledge to the degree possible, without geographic limitations and within human, economic and Designated Library Authority limitations.

It must be recognised that the Library is more than a collection of books; it is a growing organism and is a collection of informational materials, arranged in a manner and womanned by personnel to make that material readily available.

The services of the Library complement the educational, social, moral, immoral, physical and intellectual and other development of an individual Member.

The Library offers point-of-use instruction, personal assistance and hindrance when required, in conducting research in the Library and accessing the Library at all times when it is open at convenient and inconvenient hours and locations except when it is conveniently closed.

Services and Procedures

The service function of the Library is to assist Members in obtaining needed or not knowingly needed information of a Lost and Forgotten poetry-like nature.

Membership of the Library is Free.

Membership of the Library is limited to all humans, vegetables, minerals and other organic forms upon successfully undergoing Joining procedures.

Borrowing material(s) from the Library is limited to members of the Library only.

Materials in the collection are made available to Library users through established, announced and pronounced Circulation procedures as detailed in the Library Bye Bye-Laws.

Joining procedures are undergone by all new Members.

Circulation procedures are negotiated under Library Bye Bye-Laws which are provided to all new Members of the Library (unless accidentally misplaced, forgotten or unable to be photocopied by a Designated Library Authority at that Present Moment) under which all Members are governed when entering and engaging with the Library.

Borrowing of material(s) is limited to the Present Moment, or as long as a Library Member and Designated Library Authority are in the same place at the same time.

Borrowing terms are negotiable only by an individual Library Member bothering to read the small print on Library Membership Cards.


Within the limits of an architectural or other defined space made available to the Library in the Present Moment of its existence, the Library endeavours to provide the easiest possible access to the Collection and an atmosphere.

The Collection is installed as systematically as Space, Present Moment, Geographical location, Context, and Designated Library Authority mood, allow.

The Library shall review space, time, and collection needs and plan for changing circumstances on an ongoing basis based on the Present Moment Time, Space, Collection and Designated Library Authority food, sleep, ablution, reading, writing, research and life needs.

Staff Anal Retention Policies

The Library Staff shall be organised in a way that permits easy and rapid communication for the interchange of ideas.

The Library Staff shall consist of one.

This one shall be known as a Library Officer or Librarian.

The Librarian or Library Officer may be appointed only by a Designated Library Authority.

The Designated Library Authority has the power to disemploy, cajole, rescind eating rights, and otherwise make life difficult or in fact easy for The Librarian.

The Library Staff must love The Designated Library Authority.

The Library Staff must not bite the hand that does not feed it but may consider ways of otherwise engaging with that hand.

The Library Staff reserves, alright?